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Our services

At Apex Advisory Australia, our forward-thinking approach is a blend of proven practices and pioneering solutions. Our aim is not to be just another consulting firm, but to relentlessly pursue excellent outcomes, whatever that might look like for each project.

Strategic advisory

In a world that often favours conformity, Apex Advisory Australia’s Strategic Advisory division champions the unconventional. We don’t just think outside the box; we redesign it. Every challenge is met with bespoke solutions shaped to meet the unique intricacies of our clients and their challenges.

Sustainability and Social impact

Our Sustainability and Social Impact Advisory services are designed to help our clients through the whole process, regardless of where their starting point is.

Corporate finance

Apex Advisory Australia’s Corporate Finance offering provides tailored finance and accounting advisory services to navigate a range of business functions, positioning our clients for strategic growth and robust financial health. Our approach is grounded in thorough analysis and a clear understanding of our client’s business goals.

Business recovery

Apex Advisory Australia’s Business Recovery Service supports organisations and individuals to navigate situations where there are high levels of financial pressure. We understand the impact that financial distress and insolvency can have on businesses, individuals and their stakeholders; that every situation is unique and that it is not easy for parties who are experiencing financial difficulty to seek advice and/or deal with issues. Our aim is to achieve the best available outcome by approaching every situation with clarity, empathy and respect.