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Sustainability and Social Impact

Our team understands that while the ‘why’ of ESG is clear, the ‘how’ can be complex, multifaceted, and at times, overwhelming.


Sustainability: Beyond Environment and Carbon

Sustainability extends far beyond the environment and is about more than just carbon. It’s a dynamic field that demands we look beyond the latest buzzwords to drive meaningful and lasting impact. At Apex, we work with the interconnections between the environment, society, and the economy to ensure a balanced approach that addresses today’s challenges without compromising future generations. This holistic view ensures that efforts to mitigate one problem do not inadvertently exacerbate another. By embracing this perspective, we help organisations not only meet but exceed their sustainability goals, fostering resilience and adaptability across all operations.

Staying Ahead in a World of Changing Legislation

In a landscape of rapidly evolving legislative requirements, our team remains vigilant, ensuring compliance without sacrificing humanity and compassion that are at the heart of our approach. We stay ahead of regulatory changes, preparing our clients to meet and leverage these new standards to their advantage, turning potential challenges into opportunities for innovation and leadership in sustainability.

Tailored Sustainability Services

Our Sustainability and Social Impact Advisory services are designed to help our clients through the whole process, regardless of where their starting point is. We support organisations in:

  • Governance and Strategic Sustainability: Developing comprehensive sustainability strategies and roadmaps.
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Mapping: Identifying key stakeholders and customising engagement strategies to align with overarching sustainability goals.
  • Materiality Assessments: Determining the most significant aspects to stakeholders and the business, guiding strategy and reporting.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Advancing corporate initiatives that benefit society and the environment.
  • Best Practices and Benchmarking: Leveraging industry benchmarks to set realistic, impactful sustainability targets.
  • Reporting and Assurance: Ensuring transparency and accountability in sustainability efforts through documentation and compliance checks.

Green Star Certification

As a leader in promoting sustainable development, Apex Advisory offers extensive support in obtaining Green Star certification, demonstrating our commitment to eco-friendly building practices that meet the highest standards of sustainable design and construction.

Our Green Star Accredited Professionals are skilled in navigating the complexities of certification processes, ensuring they are seamless, cost-effective, and beneficial.

Community Engagement

Utilising IAP2 principles to foster meaningful connections between businesses and communities, ensuring collaborative decision-making and enhanced mutual understanding.

Strategic Comms

We use the power of storytelling to transform how your messages are heard and acted upon. Through engaging narratives and targeted communication strategies, we elevate your stories across various platforms to ensure that your message resonates with and motivates a diverse audience, effectively driving change and inspiring action.

Meet your specialist for Sustainability and Social Impact

Sustainability and Social Impact

Sally Hayne

With two decades of expertise in brand development, marketing, and public affairs, Sally has established herself as a leader in communications and sustainability with a keen focus on social impact, ESG strategies, and collaborative engagement for positive change.

After a 7-year tenure as the Head of Marketing and Public Affairs at Hobart Airport, where she also led the development and management of their Corporate Social Responsibility Program, Sally has moved forward to collaborate with a variety of organisations across multiple sectors. Her work is dedicated to empowering corporate entities to embrace their social responsibilities, aligning their actions with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), surpassing best practice, legislative and supply chain expectations while never losing sight of the humanity needed to drive true and lasting change within communities.

Alongside her pivotal role at Hobart Airport, Sally’s journey includes influential positions at Australian brands such as Seafolly, Stella Hospitality, and Carlton United Breweries where she honed her skills and shaped her approach to marketing and public affairs. Her journey reflects a deep commitment to using business as a force for good, guiding companies to achieve both economic success and social impact.

This extensive experience with some of Australia’s top brands left Sally with a distinct perspective on the why and how of integrating sustainability within business strategies.

Committed to lifelong learning and industry involvement, Sally has completed the Social Impact and Sustainability course through RMIT online. She is a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional, a Greenstar Accredited Professional, holds an IAP2 Australasia Certificate of Engagement, and is a proud member of the Tasmanian Council of Social Services (TASCOSS).